The Happiness Diet: Eating for Health

Happiness truly starts from within. And in your journey to improve your mental, spiritual, and physical fitness health, it is important that you take inventory from time to time of your happiness, as your mood can make or break your efforts to live a better life. Jeff White Walnuts

So many people today are consuming diets that are hurting their health, as well as their mood. These diets include things like processed foods, alcohol, sodas and artificial sweeteners that can affect the chemicals balances in the brain, which have the potential to trigger depression.  Fortunately, on the flip side, there are foods believed to help restore the brain’s chemical balances to a more normal state.

Many of the foods we eat when stressed or upset (comfort foods) may taste good, but actually they make us feel worse in the long run.  The more anxious or depressed a person is, the more they may reach for that ice cream or cookies, or alcohol to relax them or make them feel better.

Eating these foods could have a domino effect, meaning the results of eating too much over time could be a contributing cause of depression and other ailments such as hangovers, gaining weight, elevated blood pressure, diabetes and stomach problems such as ulcers, among others.

A person who is depressed might be lacking in certain nutrients and don’t even know it. The body needs extra tender loving care and nutrients when in this state, but instead of eating nutritious foods that will help, they eat junk food that could make their situation worse.

Some of the vitamins and nutrients that could be lacking in a person suffering from depression include vitamin C, vitamin B3 and B6, Magnesium, Omega 3, and Folic Acid.

It’s crucial you change your mind set when feeling stressed, anxious or depressed. Instead of reaching for that cookie or soda to feel better, try eating the foods listed above.   Eating a healthy diet is key when battling depression.

Below are specific foods in more detail that are known to have calming effects and are good for the mind:

Blueberries:  The vitamin C combined with the many other antioxidants contained in blueberries fight cortisol, which is the stress hormone.

  Almonds are rich in vitamins B2 and E. Both of these nutrients help bolster the immune system during times of stress.

Spinach is rich in magnesium, which helps regulate cortisol levels and promote feelings of well-being.

Dark chocolate:  Dark chocolate helps to release serotonin and relaxes the blood vessels of the cardiovascular system.

If you’re suffering from depression, it’s critical that you take a hard look at your diet. The foods you eat may play a major role in your illness and a change in the foods you eat may be just what you need.
Above information excerpted from Jeff White’s book, “The 3 Pillars of Strength: Increasing Your Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Fitness.” Get Your Copy Here!

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